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LINC-TUPPAC is looking forward to enjoying a strong collaboration with French supplier Easymile, which has been selected for the testing of automatic shuttles to improve security and create a better user experience

LINC-TUPPAC has chosen Easymile as a supplier of three autonomous shuttles for testing at DTU Campus in Lyngby and in Hersted Industrial Park in Albertslund. And the upcoming tests are looking promising:
"One of the major reasons we have chosen Easymile as a supplier is that the company is very open to cooperating and testing new technologies. At the same time, Nobina has good experience with Easymile Shuttles from Sweden and Norway," says Nikolaj Kyhn, Head of Business Development in Nobina Denmark, who will be responsible for the operation of the autonomous shuttles in LINC-TUPPAC's tests.
The supplier was chosen following a process in which LINC-TUPPAC has both collected information and completed an open tender with several different suppliers of autonomous shuttles.
Collaboration on hackathon in store
The openness to new digital innovation cooperation around the autonomous shuttles is welcomed by Claus Klint, Director of Internet of Things at IBM, which is also a LINC-TUPPAC partner:
"The technology in and around the autonomous shuttles offers many opportunities to make passenger transport more convenient and flexible. Therefore, IBM, DTU and the other partners in LINC-TUPPAC are planning a hackathon. Here we will work together with Easymile, both on cyber security and developing services in and around the autonomous shuttles."
"At the hackathon at DTU Skylab, we will gather talented IT developers, students, companies and municipalities to develop ideas for solutions that can optimise security systems and develop new services," elaborates Anders Pall Sköt, Senior Officer of Smart City Cybersecurity Lab at DTU.

An experienced supplier
The opportunity to develop new technologies in collaboration with the supplier is not the only reason why Easymile was selected:
"Of course, we also considered that Easymile has already tested 80 autonomous shuttles on roads in Germany, Sweden and Norway, for example, and has a lot of experience in safety. In addition, Easymile has a training program, so Nobina's staff will be trained in the operation of the bus," says Nikolaj Kyhn.
This is the first time that an Easymile bus will drive on public roads in Denmark. Nobina is already driving autonomous Easymile shuttles in Sweden and Norway.

Easymile’s EZ10 autonomous shuttle
• is a 100 percent autonomous electric shuttle
• can accommodate up to 12 passengers
• has a built-in ramp for disabled passengers
• is managed by Easymile’s Fleet Management software
• can drive on existing roads without requiring changes to infrastructure 
• follows a virtual route, which is programmed and planned
• has lasers and a radar, as well as a satellite-based system that allows the shuttle to stay on the route
• at the start of LINC-TUPPAC's tests, it will always have a steward on board who can take control if necessary
• runs under testing at a speed of 20-25 kilometres per hour (top speed is 45 kilometres per hour)

Author:  Lene Ulsted Carlsen

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