CLAIRO Ostrava public opinion survey on air quality
Short description
Is air quality an important issue for people in Ostrava? How do people rate air quality where they live and work? To find the answers to these questions (and more), a public opinion survey will be carried out in the streets of Ostrava and nearby towns during mid-October.

One of the survey’s aims is to find out whether people are willing to change their habits and lifestyles to achieve better air quality – and if so, how. Would they be prepared to use eco-friendly heating systems, travel more often by public transport, or help plant trees and greenery? The survey teams will be trying to find out how important green areas are to people, and whether they would welcome innovative new solutions such as vertical gardens, green façades, green roofs and more – and also whether they would be willing to create these types of greenery themselves or contribute towards the cost of new greenery.

During the survey, respondents will receive detailed information on sources of pollution in their local area, various options for urban greenery, the CLAIRO project, and the importance of choosing the right types of greenery – which can potentially not only improve air quality, but can also mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.
The survey results will then be analysed, and the findings will be published on the project website by the end of this year.

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