Major trial run of the virtual traffic system during the Gentse Feesten
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TMaaS, the developer of the digital traffic platform for the City of Ghent, will be carrying out a major trial run of its virtual dashboard during the Gentse Feesten. 19 July marks the start of this trial run that will be carried out in cooperation with Mobiliteitsbedrijf Stad Gent.

The Gentse Feesten is the ideal occasion for this baptism of fire, because during those ten days the city will be flooded with masses of people. This represents a major challenge in terms of mobility and the ideal opportunity therefore to put the dashboard through some thorough testing.

From the Gentse to the Winterfeesten
The trial run will be carried out internally and the aim, among others, is for TMaaS to test the effective functioning and user-friendliness of the platform putting it into practice for the first time. In order to achieve this, our team will set up our virtual dashboard in the control room of the City of Ghent. By improving the visualisation of traffic flows and making it possible to detect problems and irregularities, the TMaaS hope to provide traffic managers with assistance during this busy festive period.

By integrating smart technology, the virtual traffic platform can help enhance the mobility of tomorrow, and in turn improve the quality of life in Ghent", says Filip Watteeuw, alderman for Mobility.

When the Gentse Feesten are over, we will be continuing our development work on the dashboard, building on what we learned during this first trial run. The first launch of the dashboard is planned for the spring of 2020. But a second trial run will first take place during the Winterfeesten in December. Any citizens who are interested will be given the opportunity to participate in this trial and thus make their own contribution to the development of the platform. 

If you are interested in taking part in the trial run during the Winterfeesten as a member of the user panel, just send an email to

Author: Suzanne Hendrikse, Communications Manager TMaaS, tel. 0468 512 755,

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