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On October 16th, the CoRDEES project held its yearly General Assembly.

The General Assembly is an important part of the project timeline. It allows all the work package leaders to present and detail each work package and the work achieved so far.

This General Assembly meeting was also a great step forward to present to stakeholders the first results of negotiation on the New Deal.

It was a success since numerous and diverse stakeholders attended - some of them accepted to share their views on their involvement in CoRDEES project.

This General Assembly was held at the Paris City Hall and opened by Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of City planning, architecture, the Greater Paris projects, economic development and attractiveness, Jean-François Danon, General Manager of BPA and Hélène Peskine, Permanent Secretary PUCA.[1]

“CoRDEES is a fundamental project to go further towards the energy performance of buildings.

We want to go beyond the logic of regulation, which do not take enough account of the real uses, to go towards the contractualization of the objectives of energy performance.

This is what we did with the Parisian schools and the results are there: we were expecting a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; we have reached an average of 40%.

This success has been enabled by smart grids, sensors and nudges (pushes) that encourage energy savings.

The CoRDEES project will mobilize all these tools and go even further: our ambition is to invent governance that will guarantee this performance over time and will allow generalizing the approach tomorrow.

The results are now highly anticipated to meet the commitments made in the framework of the Climate Plan and to direct us towards carbon neutrality by 2050.” says Jean-Louis Missika.


[1] PUCA is the Urbanism, Construction, and Architecture Plan of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. PUCA is the entity in charge of the DIVD call for proposal that the CoRDEES project won.

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