COMMUTE carpooling parking lot and electric charging station - Source: Toulouse Métropole
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The second Journal of the COMMUTE project presents the developments of the project since the publication of the first Journal in December 2018. By now, COMMUTE is almost half way through since its launch, with successful actions to report on, as well as old and new challenges. This edition focuses more on the latter and how the city is addressing them.

This second Journal also describes the next steps of the project, marked by the upcoming first Local Mobility Committee meeting – a collaborative platform that extends to the wider community of the area, also targeted within the project. This milestone will help to multiply the impact of the project and to further raise awareness on its benefits to the local population. This new local platform reflects the strong collaborative approach of COMMUTE, which is at the core of its success. 

The “after-COMMUTE” will also be addressed within this edition, since a strong appetite for further cooperation and the emergence of new ideas already show that COMMUTE is just a beginning.

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