COMMUTE - car pooling lots
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UIA Expert, Vanessa Holve, gives a first look on how the project is being implemented

It’s been a year since the COMMUTE project started its implementation and many activities have been carried out. The project has begun to produce knowledge stemming from the implementation of its innovative solution
You can now read the first of a series of journals following the COMMUTE project’s implementation process. In this first edition, find out about the EU, national and local policy.  The main elements explored are: 
•    How to make the collaborative governance model work
•    How to effectively change mobility behaviours and reduce congestion
•    How to effectively measure and evaluate congestion and emissions reduction
It includes information on progress made to date and how the project is overcoming challenges of implementation. 
Get to know better what Toulouse Metropole is doing on the topic of urban mobility in this UIA Expert journal!

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COMMUTE carpooling parking lot and electric charging station - Source: Toulouse Métropole

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