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Despite the heavy rain forecasted, around 70 people convened in Cascina Roccafranca, the House of Neighbourhood located in the heart of the Mirafiori area and partner of the project, to discuss the contents of the first public call launched at the beginning of June by the City of Turin, which defines how residents and associations can propose collaboration agreements to the City for the management of urban commons.

Residents and representatives of local associations shared their ideas and questions in a meeting which soon became a brainstorming exercise on possible ways to regenerate entire parts of the city, starting from the resources offered by Co-City. This meeting was part of a series of eight meetings organized in collaboration with ANCI and the network of Case del Quartiere (Houses of Neighborhood) in the different neighborhoods of the city to present the original model of collaboration proposed by Co-City, with the aim of revamping the attention around the UIA project focused on the collaborative regeneration of the urban commons.

After the publication of the public call and the list of the buildings made available for partial or complete regeneration in the framework of the Co-City project, many residents and representatives of local groups and associations are taking part in the guided tours organized by the City to these buildings.

These tours, advertised as Open Days on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Co-City as well as on the ones dedicated to the Urban Commons of the City, are unusual occasions to rediscover the past of Turin through its historical buildings and public spaces often left abandoned for decades, or currently underused.

A public canteen, the intercultural centre of the city, the offices of the Michelin factory or the former public baths are just some of the examples of the structures potentially interested by the collaboration agreements, which will be finalized by the end of the year in the framework of Co-City in Turin.
It will be possible to visit all the buildings selected by the City for the Co-City project until 24 July, according to a calendar published on the web page of the project as well as on Co-City social media pages.

Author: Simone d’Antonio – ANCI - Communication Manager of CO-CITY

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