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Most of the 60 proposals of collaboration admitted to the co-design phase in the framework of the Co-City project are currently being refined by the City of Turin in close collaboration with the proposers, with the aim of getting the first pacts officially stipulated by the end of the year.

In the meanwhile, many activities are already going to be implemented in different neighbourhoods of the city, as first attempts to improve the services delivered by the organizations proposing the pact to the City and make the impact of participating to Co-City visible to members and residents. 

Among these experiences, the Museum of Fantasy and Science Fiction (MUFANT) is actively involving teachers, students and fantasy aficionados in rethinking the public spaces around this former school located in the neighbourhood of Borgo Vittoria, a north-western suburb of Turin. 
The Museum - created with the aim of providing the city with a space where the knowledge on the history and artistic production of modern fantasy can be gathered and produced – has been boosted
by the association Immagina, together with a bunch of mentors as Avanzi, Make a Cube and Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (among the most proactive organizations in the field of cultural innovation in Italy). It now represents a powerful prototype for creative urban regeneration. 

The proposals approved by the City of Turin through the Co-City project aims at enhancing the potential of the MUFANT by strengthening a deeper connection between the Museum, the neighborhood where it is located and the residents. Through the transformation of the square outside of the Museum into a “Fantasy Park”, the pact aims at regenerating the space and bringing residents closer to the fantasy themes with the organization of public events and activities targeted to residents of different age groups. 

Just 15 minutes north from Borgo Vittoria, another vibrant community is implementing in the Falchera neighbourhood a pact of collaboration as part of the Co-City project. Based on the experience of FalkLab, a laboratory for youth creativity that has played a key role for young people in this area for decades, the pact of collaboration named “Falklab alla Seconda” (Falklab2) is focused on the regeneration of a space used in the past as a school canteen, which is now going to be transformed into a social laboratory where local youth can meet and organize social activities. This structure will be transformed into a hub for artistic activities, with the set up of a calendar of events aimed at engaging families and children. Finally, the organization of painting classes or ceramics courses for residents or literacy and language classes for foreigners will contribute to transform the former canteen in a true community hub for the whole neighbourhood.

These experiences are presented in the Medium blog of Co-City, a storytelling experiment based on the stories emerging in different areas of the city and strictly connected to the peculiar style of one of the most famous blogging platforms at global level.

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