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A public event with high schools and work agencies of the territory to discuss training objectives and to set the training target.

On Monday 2nd May 2017, at the “Council Hall” of the Municipality of Pozzuoli, a public event on the “Monterusciello Agro City” (MAC) training took place with the presence of Roberto Gerundo, councillor for urban planning, and of Luisa de Simone, councillor for public education.

The aim of the meeting was to describe the training activity foreseen in the MAC project and to collect the feedback from local stakeholders, mainly on the training program and on the targeted trainees. Several stakeholders were invited, after a communication campaign addressed to representatives of local high schools, work agencies and employment centres.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the high schools based in the Monterusciello neighbourhood dealing with the social and technical matters relevant to the project (Istituto Professionale Alberghiero, Istituto Tecnico Agrario, Liceo Scientifico) the Pozzuoli Employment Center and the Private Employment Agency ( “Agenzia per il Lavoro”).

Together with the two councillors, representatives of MAC project partners attended the meeting and an explanation of the training program was given by Fondazione FORMIT, responsible for it in the MAC project.

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It is worth highlighting that the training program foresees the realization of three types of training programs, a first one on Bio-intensive Agriculture, a second on Ethical Production and Rural Marketing and the third one on Business Innovation and Start-up, with training cycles of 3 to 6 months. The delivery of 80 scholarships, of which 25 in bio-intensive agriculture, 25 in ethical production and rural marketing, 30 in business innovation and start-up has also been planned.

Attention has been paid to the targeted trainees which will be selected for the scholarships, in order to have professionals that can give a concrete contribution to the local labour market, during the MAC project, with the creation of different start-ups, but also after the closure of the project, in fostering entrepreneurial development and increasing employment in Monterusciello.

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Moreover, councillor Gerundo proposed to set up a Stakeholders’ technical board between the City of Pozzuoli, the project partners, and the representatives of high schools, professional training and job orientation, to provide support in drafting the public calls to access the planned scholarships. All stakeholders expressed their appreciation for the project and their willingness to cooperate within it.


Author: The MAC Team


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