UIA project OpenAgri
Short description
After an initial tender phase of 4 months the City of Milan, as urban authority for the UIA OpenAgri project, will launch in Jan 2018 an Urban Agriculture Lab within the area of Cascina Nosedo, the future Open Innovation Hub of this urban metropolitan fringe.

50 proposals were submitted as of today, a great success for such an innovative call for ideas.

The Lab will explore innovative techniques in urban agriculture (from production to logistic, from Internet of Food to sharing economy) and it will engage a series of selected partners on using in the best possible way a public owned 30 hectares plot of land surrounding the south Milan Parco Sud boundaries.

The Lab is primarily set to help entrepreneurs to develop new practices in Peri-Urban agriculture, to create new job opportunities and to revitalize a fringe area of the city.

The UIA expert Miguel Sousa visited Milan at the end of September and had the chance to compare the Lab tender with others similar initiatives in UIA network and to explore several of the existing project managed by the different partners of OpenAgri.

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