Short description
On Thursday 14 December, the Savena District, where the old Villa Salus is situated, organised a beautiful Christmas party for all the residents of the area.

Many citizens took part to the “Concert-wishes” event, with children anxiously waiting for Santa.
All the main associations involved in the District attended the party, showing their involvement and their commitment to the territory, and giving suggestions for special and original Christmas gifts.
Salus Space Editorial staff actively participated, seizing the opportunity to interview the citizens, to get their opinions on Salus Space project and, at the same time, to communicate its news and its next planned steps.
Equipped with microphones and block notes, Salus W Space reporters interviewed an environment protection Association strictly committed to the District schools, where it organises many environmental training for the students. Then, our journalists had the chance to listen to an Association working on the field of the international cooperation, committed to the development of relationships with some African countries, such as Eritrea, Ethiopia and Rwanda.
Finally, the Editorial staff interviewed the citizens: “Have you heard about Salus W Space?” was the first question. Only few people had not heard about the project, the majority had a lot of information from the local newspapers and some of the residents directly participated to the project seminars and meetings. All the interviewed showed a great interest in the demolition of the old Villa, scheduled by the end of January, since it will represent a “regeneration moment” of an area previously seen as abandoned and decayed.

Citizens looked really open towards the project goals and they asked the project partners to think and plan with special care the future management of the new spaces, to create real chances of integration between Salus residents and citizens living in the surrounding area.
Looking forward to starting demolition works, Salus Space partners wish you a wonderful Christmas!