The Hauts-de-France Region (Entrusted Entity for the implementation of the UIA Initiative) has issued a Call for Applications for UIA Experts supporting the approved projects submitted in the framework of the fourth Call for Proposals. The deadline to answer to this Call is 3 March 2020.

The present Call for Applications is open for the recruitment of 20 experts for the 20 approved projects selected from the fourth Call for Proposals.    

The projects are on the 4 following topics :

UIA Experts will ensure three key tasks for approved projects:

1.    They will provide guidance and advice to UIA projects from their own professional experience and connecting them with other relevant initiatives and experiences

2.    They will capture the knowledge that UIA projects are generating concerning the implementation of bold, complex and participative urban projects

3.    They will facilitate the sharing of the knowledge captured to inspire other cities in Europe as well as to inform future policy development at national and regional level

To become a UIA Expert, candidates should demonstrate a good understanding and direct experience of working on the challenges for integrated sustainable urban development in Europe as well as of the potential for experimentation of innovative solutions. Good knowledge and experience of mechanisms, tools and methods for the implementation of innovative urban projects (including leadership, public procurement, participative approach, integration of municipal services, measurement of results, etc.) will also be seen as an advantage.

Selected UIA Experts will have a total of 50 days of expertise over 4 years to perform the tasks described above.

This is an unique opportunity for professionals interested in the policy areas addressed by UIA projects to work very closely with some of the most dynamic and bold cities in Europe and to help them to radically change the way societal challenges are tackled at urban level.

The Call will remain open till 3 March 2020. 

Interested candidates are invited to read carefully the Terms of Reference for this call and fill in an application form.

For additional information you can contact Raffaele Barbato, UIA Project Coordinator at