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B-MINCOME project launches its pilot project for social currency in the Eix Besòs area to stimulate local trade and services

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The REC (Real Economy Currency) is Barcelona’s social currency, created as a pilot project in the 10 districts of the Eix Besòs area. It is a form of digital payment, complementary to the euro, whose main aim is to create an incentive for money to circulate in the area with a view to promoting the local economy and empowering the residents by strengthening social networks and improving their lives.

On the project's side - Interview of the B-MINCOME project

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The UIA Secretariat organised a series of interviews with the projects selected under the topic "Urban Poverty". What is the most innovative elements of their project towards the fight against urban poverty? What are the main changes they are expecting? What are the main challenges they are confronted with? Hear the feedbacks from B-MINCOME project in Barcelona.

B-MINCOME officially presented in Barcelona

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In Barcelona, on 31st May, Laia Ortiz, deputy mayor of the Barcelona City Council in charge of the Social Rights Department, introduced the B-MINCOME project (Combining guaranteed minimum income and active social policies in deprived urban areas of Barcelona) to the media.