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CoRDEES officialy launched!

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On May 31th, a hundred people (real estate operators, developers, architects, energy experts, representatives of the state and city of Paris) gathered to publicly launch the CoRDEES project on the 7th floor of lot 7 of the development zone of Clichy Batignolles.

On the project's side - Interview of the CoRDEES project

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The UIA Secretariat organised a series of interviews with the projects selected under the topic "Energy Transition". What is the most innovative elements of their project towards energy transition? What are the main changes they are expecting? What are the main challenges they are confronted with? Read the answers from CoRDEES project in Paris!

The New deal is ready for launch

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On March 24th, the Paris municipality and its stakeholders are entering the first step of the CoRDEES program. 50 professionals of 20 companies gathered to launch the project.