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CURANT-youngsters are enforced by psycho-educational courses!

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‘The Human Link’ and the city of Antwerp organised a ‘Mind-Spring -course’ especially for our young refugees. ‘The Human Link’ is an organisation specialised in psychological help. Mind-Spring is a group session that was developed in the Netherlands. Other Belgian organisations, Like ‘ Centrum voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW) and ‘Centrum voor Geestelijke Gezondheid (CGG) already worked with it. Nine of our youngsters participated.

The art of matching a buddy and a young refugee

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CURANT is a partnership between the city of Antwerp and several partners. One of our partners, Vormingplus Antwerp, tries to find the perfect match between our buddies and young refugees. But how does an intake and matching work? Vormingplusspecialist, Lise Van Vyve tells you all about it.

CURANT presents its first co-housing duos

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On Monday, February 6th 2017, we proudly presented our cohousing project to the wider public. The chairman of social welfare Fons Duchateau and project leader Jolien De crom presented the project. During a panel discussion all official partners (Solentra, Vormingplus Antwerp, Cemis, JES vzw and Atlas) discussed about how they plan to support our duo’s according to their expertise. Top of the bill was the introduction of our first two cohousing duos.