MILMA Project - Migrants Labour Integration Model based on Acculturation Project

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Ayuntamiento de Fuenlabrada
Fuenlabrada Milma Project
Challenge addressed

Fuenlabrada is a young working City located in the South of the metropolitan area of Madrid that in the last four decades has almost tripled its population as a result of an intense migratory process both national and international.

In the City, unemployment is especially high among lower skilled young people. The access to employment is one of the principal elements of the City’s social inclusion policies. Registered unemployment, in November 2017, was 14.225 people (5.889 men and 8.836 women), 1.834 of them are migrants (12.9%).

One of the main challenges of the City is the integration of people at risk of social exclusion, especially unemployed people. In this sense, the objective is to generate opportunities for the inhabitants, both local and migrants, in a collaborative way to access to the labour market.

As a result of this collaboration process the project expects to facilitate migrants’ social inclusion, as well as increase the possibilities to get a job or create a start-up company for unemployed people.

Solution proposed

The project will promote the integration between cultures through acculturation innovative programs. This will be based in a collaborative way in which local inhabitants and migrants will work together to increase their employability.

Business Challenges Labs (BC Labs) will be created with an active role of social economy companies, where the target groups will receive training oriented to generate the capacities (technical/practical skills) in niches of employment with present and future potential employment opportunities (Green Production, Urban Creation and Recycling, Communication and Production/Multimedia development, Integration and Installation of Devices, Digital Production, Provision of Elderly Care and Catering).

BC Labs will also improve the employability as well as foster entrepreneurship (by promoting the development of products and services demanded in the real job market).

The MILMA project expects that the BC Lab will strengthen social cohesion, both increasing the integration of migrants (collaborative actions with local citizens) and their labour opportunities.

  • Municipality of Fuenlabrada
  • CIFE- Fuenlabrada Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Public agency
  • Santa María la Real Foundation - NGO
  • Fuenlabrada Islamic Community Association - NGO
Expected results

The development of the project seeks to reach the following results:

- It is expected that the incorporation of social companies to the training activities in the BC Labs will allow to improve personal and technical skills of the participants according to the real labour market.

- The close contact between locals and migrants in BC Labs will improve a real integration of migrants in the social context.

- Reduce the number of unemployed people in Fuenlabrada, through the increase of their possibilities to access the job market or through entrepreneurship. By the end of the project’s duration, at least, 20% of the participants will be inserted in the labour market.

Main milestones

February 2018: Identification of companies and selection according to their needs, experience and knowledge in any of the 7 BC Labs.

May-July 2018: Definition of theoretical-practical training guide and design of modules according to real job market.

September 2018: Establishment of partnerships with companies for the management of Business Challenge Labs (BC Labs)

October 2018: Creation of Experimental Teams for Employment and Integration (ETEIs) and entrepreneurship. Participant’s selection.

December 2018: Creation of the social companies’ network.

March/April 2019: Start up of BC Labs. Development of products and services.

December 2020: Closure and knowledge transfer: transfer the knowledge acquired through the final Progress report and qualitative reports.

Our challenge is to make of Fuenlabrada a reference of integration, a City where the population feels proud to be part of a community in which all cultures have a place.

Manuel Robles Delgado, Mayor of Fuenlabrada
The project in numbers
city in the Madrid Region in population (199,171 inhabitants)
of the inhabitants are under 35 years old: Fuenlabrada is a young city
small and medium enterprises. Fuenlabrada is the second city in the Madrid Region for business activity.
of the inhabitants are migrants
Contact of the project
Juan Carlos Hernandez Navas
Project Manager

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