Urban poverty

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On the project's side - Interview of the 5Bridges project

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The UIA Secretariat organised a series of interviews with the projects selected under the topic "Urban Poverty". What is the most innovative elements of their project towards the fight against urban poverty? What are the main changes they are expecting? What are the main challenges they are confronted with? Read the answers from the 5Bridges project from Nantes!

Stories from the project’s side - #2

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In this article, hear about the latest news from our UIA projects – and find out where they find their inspiration, how they get inhabitants on board and what innovative tools they have already developed over the last months!

The Urban Agenda for the EU launches the Public Feedback

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Through the Public Feedback you are invited to provide your views on the draft actions proposed in the Background Paper by the Partnerships of the Urban Agenda. It is already possible to contribute to four topics: housing, air quality, urban poverty and integration of migrants & refugees.

Stories from the project’s side

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The first wave of UIA projects approved under the 1st Call for Proposals are now up and running and they have started to effectively launch and implement their activities. Take a look at the stories they sent us about their past three months!

Defining innovation in the context of the UIA Initiative

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With the 17 projects approved in the first UIA Call for Proposals now concretely starting their implementation activities and still a few weeks before the deadline of the second Call for Proposals closes, it was time for the Permanent Secretariat to draw some initial lessons from the first Call. Raffaele Barbato, Project Coordinator, looked at the proposals submitted in the first Call, and more especially at the approved projects, to identify trends and specificities in terms of innovation but also of partnerships and measurability of results.